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[EN]Admin application

Refused Applications - Candidatures refusées
DemonSoulZz Official
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[EN]Admin application

Post by DemonSoulZz Official » Sat May 23, 2020 10:34 am

•About Me:
My name is Aleks,i am 13 and half years old and i live in Bulgaria.I am born in Plovdiv.Now i am finished this summer 6th grade and now im going 7th grade.I know two languages English and Bulgarian in the summer i will start learning German.I have a microphone so i can talk anytime with the people who need to help or something like that in the server and other applications like Discord,Skype,Team Speaker and others.
I know the new rules :).

My Steam and Discord:
•Discord: DemonSoulZz#1769
•Steam: DemonSoulZz []
•Game Tracker: ... .34:27035/

-I started playing Garrys Mod in 2018 i have played 332 hours. .I play in Apedobear server like 2 years and more .The time i spend is in this server is 90% of my day.
I am swimming every Saturday and Sunday.It make me feel great and healthy.
•My hobbies:
My first hobbie is Gaming.I like play games like GTA V ,Fortnite and Garrys Mod, Assasin Creed Brotherhood,CS:GO.My second hobbie is swimming im in the swimming club.I swim at 2pm to 4pm.I love swiiming,i can swim every style in this sport.

•My Qualities:
-im very trusted and good person.
-Im kind and polite and patient with the people.

When i play videos or computer games ,I enjoyed very much.Im online and play the whole day and help people in trouble.
• Available:
I will have summer break so i can play everyday in the server and help people if they have a questions.
i can play everyday Monday-Saturday at 11am to 12-13 pm.
In a few years i will have test like in 7th grade :) .

Thank you for reading my application and for the spended time.

-DemonSoulZz :)

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Re: [EN]Admin application

Post by rany » Sat May 23, 2020 4:13 pm


My answer is no, cause you are not old enough. You must be over 15 years old to become an administrator.

See you on the server,

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SeeKerS GowRoN
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Re: [EN]Admin application

Post by SeeKerS GowRoN » Sat May 23, 2020 4:54 pm

Hello !

For me it's no, you are too young and you are back on the server since not a long time.
Sorry for you.
🌸 I love you Lillylein 🌸


DemonSoulZz Official
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Re: [EN]Admin application

Post by DemonSoulZz Official » Sat May 23, 2020 5:59 pm

Please give me one chance. :(

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Re: [EN]Admin application

Post by Lillylein » Sun May 24, 2020 12:18 pm

No, i didnt got admin with 13 either.
viewtopic.php?f=20&t=894 it was my apply back than 2017.
I'll move the topic.
You just to young and you just came back.
I love you SeeKerS GowRoN
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