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Application by (---=SILA REPTILIi=---)

Accepted Applications - Candidatures acceptées
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Application by (---=SILA REPTILIi=---)

Post by Lexus » Thu May 14, 2020 9:49 pm

Hello! My name is Alexey and I'm 15, I'm from Russia.

About me:
I'm studying at school, enjoying life, while it's possible.. I know English and Russian language, and also German (but not really good :? )

Listening to music, playing gmod on apedo, watching anime :)

I've played about 480 hours on the server with nickname (---=SILA REPTILIi=---)
I was gagged once last summer. Since that time I don't break the rules anymore :roll: .

My good points:
- No one can provoke me on favoritism to players !
- I play Gmod quite often !
- I have a microphone !
- I understand Russian and English.
- I'm not rude to people.
- I'm pretty calm. Nothing can piss me off.
- I can be strict to players.

Bad points:
- I'm lazy (But I’m not too lazy to go to the server when I'm called)

My motivation:
- I like helping people.
- I want to try myself in an admin role!
- I know russian, ukrainian speech. I can easily determine what language people speak.
- There are many russian people who break the rules. Also some of then do not understand english.. It's complicated !

Gametracker: ... .34:27035/
Discord: (---=SILA-REPTILIi=---)#9760

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Re: Application by (---=SILA REPTILIi=---)

Post by pesat_kakoita » Sun May 17, 2020 1:47 pm

Hello Sila!

I know you for a long time, i can say:
- you are serious.
- you are polite.
- you are active on gmod and discord servers.
- you don't break the rules (you have only one gag for speaking OL, but that was about one year ago).
So, it's 100% yes for me.

See you!

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Re: Application by (---=SILA REPTILIi=---)

Post by daze » Sun May 17, 2020 4:16 pm

Hello Sila,

This is your second apply in order to become an admin
So I don't really have anything against you. You are active on discord and APedo
You don't break the rules, and most importantly, I can trust you
As before, my answer is yes!
Good luck.

See you on the server,
Have a good day \(≧▽≦)/

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Re: Application by (---=SILA REPTILIi=---)

Post by rany » Sun May 17, 2020 6:42 pm

Hey, Sila!

For me It's 100% yes.
- I know you.
- You're polite.
- You're sociable on the server
- You're old enough.
- You have enough hours.
- You can speak English and Russian.
- You're very active on discord and gmod servers.
- You're serious.
- You don't break the rules.
- You don't lie, so I can trust you.
- You're not lazy in my opinion !
- You have a microphone. I've heard you talking on the server.
- You're calm.
I could add even more of your good points, but that’s enough. I don't have any complaints about you.

See you on the server,

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Re: Application by (---=SILA REPTILIi=---)

Post by disabledcat » Fri May 29, 2020 1:35 am

Hello, Sila!

The first time you posted an application for an admin, we were in it together! Unfortunately, for you it wasn't successful. But this time I really hope it is!

The good points:
  • You're very active both on the gmod and on the discord server, you have enough in-game hours weekly and in total.
  • You're a very calm and polite player.
  • You have a microphone.
  • I have never seen you break a single rule!
  • Last but not least, you speak two languages: English and Russian
The bad points:
  • While you're pretty sociable on the discord server, on the server you are less so.
  • I know you've used your microphone before, but I'd like to see you use it more often.
So in general, I see you as a very trustworthy player, that will take his duties very seriously! For me it's a firm YES!

See you on the server!

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SeeKerS GowRoN
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Re: Application by (---=SILA REPTILIi=---)

Post by SeeKerS GowRoN » Sun Jun 07, 2020 6:23 pm

It's yes.

I lock the topic and move it in accepted.
🌸 I love you Lillylein 🌸