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Admin application [Eng][Pedobear]

You want to post an admin application ? Do it here.
Vous voulez poster une candidature d'admin ? Faîtes le ici.
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Admin application [Eng][Pedobear]

Postby Saruya-Chan » Tue Aug 13, 2019 3:12 pm

Hello its me Saruya-Chan.

Some of you know me already and what i wanna say is this is just a try
and if i not get admin i ll not be sad. :)
I was always thinking about writing ths admin application and now here i am.
So...i think lets stop talking to much and lets get right in. :)


-My personal info (about me and my life)
-How and why i came to the idea to write this application
-My Hobbies and talents
-Myself on our pedobear server
-What im gonna do if i get admin
-My advantages and disadvantages
-And finaly my last words

So lets start


My name is Devin-Lio Dickmann, i was born at 10th may 2003 and now im 16.
Im visiting the 10b at the RS süd in Bad Oeynhausen thats in Germany.
I will study medicine to get doctor when im grown up.
I wanna get doctor because i wanna help people thats my motto.
The languages i speak are English,German,a bit Russian and soon french.
I have a little brother and many cousins.
One of my cousins past away 2 years ago and im still sad about that. :cry:


I was thinking all the time if i should write this application or not because i really wanna get admin to help our server and community.
I was bored of my other games so i installed gmod.
Then i searched for interesting servers and i took a look inside the pedobear server and boom i was in love.
I played and played, day for day and i couldnt stop.
It was so fun and cool.
Then i met many new new people and now i have about 32 friends on steam. :)


I love Mountain Biking,Climbing and gaming.
I often go Mountain Biking with my friends in the woods or MTB parks.
I also go bouldering with my cousins and friends in bouldreing halls.
And the main thing: i absolutely love and enjoy gaming. ;)

Im really good at art and painting.
In my free time i paint many pictures with pencils or acrylic colours.
I like to paint Landscapes and beaches all this peacefull and beautiful stuff. :)
Im also good at making music with my lounge pad.


-My steam:
-My discord: McBicMc
-My ingame name: Saruya-Chan

Im always friendly to other player on the server.
Im trying to help the beginners or people who dont understand something like the rules or the things like pointshop or donation page.
I already spent 45$ on the server already and im VIP max.
And i played 137 hours already on the pedobear server. ;)

(i also have a mic and im getting skype and TS soon)


-I will keep everything in the right Order.
-I will help everyone in every Situation how much i can.
-I will do much as i can for the Community and for the Server.
-I will keep the bulliers and racists away so they cant do bad things to others.
-I will respect the rules and Payers.
-I will never give up on the Server.
-I will do everything i can to let the players have more fun to play at our server. :D


-Im a friendly person.
-I help as fast and as much as i can in every situation.
-Im always trying to clear a mess or conflict between 2 or more persons.
-Im not agressive or annoyed if someone asks too much.
-Im peacefull but sometimes i make much jokes and fun. :)

-If i wanna know something i can be very annoying.
-I hate bulliers so i can get angry if someone bullies anyone.


I really wanna say that i love the community its the best i ever had and i hope it will never die.
A special thanks to arnold and all the admins that are helping so much on the server to make it more fun and cool for players to play on it.

("PS: thank you very much arnold that you create the server.")

That was my application thank you for spending your time to read it and hopefully it was succesfull.

anyways see you on the server. ;)


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Re: Admin application [Eng][Pedobear]

Postby Lillylein » Wed Aug 14, 2019 12:59 pm

hello Saruya!

Your apply is pretty good ^-^ and have a lot of good points :3

So good things

you active
i've never saw you break a rule

Bad things

i saw you a bit lost because first
You did 2 applys
You did a ticket on the discord for know how to do an apply on the forum ^^'
When i answerd you once you thing i said that against you..

Because of that points i need say No
for the moment.. your a bit lost and i want you train that a little before you can be admin ^^
I maybe will change my opinon later but we will see

For now
cya on pedo,discord and forum
Greetings Lillylein
~❤~SeeSee my babee~❤~
~Head Admin Lillylein~
~First Join:♥02.06.2017♥~ ~♥TWO YEARS PEDOBEAR A-SERVER♥~
~Longs Time On Pedo Without Leave:♥15 Hours and 11Min♥~

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Re: Admin application [Eng][Pedobear]

Postby Saruya-Chan » Wed Aug 14, 2019 1:02 pm

Thank you for telling me your opinion lilly. :)

its nice to hear what you think.

anyways see you on the server ^^

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Re: Admin application [Eng][Pedobear]

Postby KilliChan » Wed Aug 14, 2019 1:17 pm

Hi Saruya

I would say the same as Lilly. You are active and friendly, but its still a No for me.
"I will, I will, I will" you repeat that over and over, you could find something else to start with.

Hope you understand and see you on the server. c:

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Re: Admin application [Eng][Pedobear]

Postby rany » Wed Aug 14, 2019 1:46 pm

Hey, Saruya-Chan !

I already read your application and it looks very good.
Good points:
- You have good age to become an admin.
- The application has many information about you.
- You played enough hours.

Bad points:
- I don't know you really.
- I can't trust you.
- I remember too how u did the ticket to do an application, but you didn't know to write it.
- I think you're not patient (I could be wrong)

So, i can say only No.
Anyway, see ya on the server!

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Re: Admin application [Eng][Pedobear]

Postby BunnyAsami » Thu Aug 15, 2019 10:11 am

Hi Saruya-Chan,

Your application is very good, it gives a lot of informations,
we can learn a bit about you, you have required age, motivations..
but you could have managed to avoid repetitions of "I will" and "I'm"

Anyway I'll stay NEUTRAL because despite that, you seemed to be
a bit lost with how and where to apply.

Good luck, see you on the server,
Bunny Asami
Keep calm and love bunnys


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Re: Admin application [Eng][Pedobear]

Postby Lydéric » Fri Aug 16, 2019 10:02 pm

Hi Saruya

Your application is really nice (some details i thinks we don't need but thank you xD )

I don't find you in discord, have you leaved the server ?
Also, have you a mic ? It's a good and important point for an admin
So if you can come more often on the discord (not mandatory but really good) that can help you in your request.

For now i say no for all above this sentence

See you on the server


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