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[EN] Admin Application/APedobear (Emp)

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[EN] Admin Application/APedobear (Emp)

Postby Emp » Sat Aug 04, 2018 11:35 am

Reallife information
My name is Justin, I am 14 years old (I am turning 15 in 8 days) and I live near Berlin in Germany. The languages I speak are German, English and a little bit of Russian. In my freetime I mostly play videogames or I go outside with friends.
I am a friendly Person, I always try my best helping other Players with their problems, I am mostly calm and I am trying to always stay serious.
sometimes I am very lazy, and I can get angry pretty fast if People are rude to me, and I am a little nervous or shy when I speak to other people. but I can handle that good.
Why do I want to be an Admin?
I want to be an Admin because I want to help the people on the server, because there is no staff members right now, so nobody respects the Server rules, and I want that to stop, so that everyone on the server can enjoy a good and funny time.
When can I be online?
I can be online every day, but on School days, I wont be able to be online from 7:00-14:30.
Ingame information
Nickname: Emp™
Steam ID: STEAM_1:1:29172870
Game Paytime: 2103hrs.
Server Playtime: 45hrs.
I started playing on APedobear in February 2018.
Cya someday :!:


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