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My Silence

Vous avez une plainte contre un joueur ou un admin ? Postez la ici.
You have complaints against a player or an admin ? Post it here.
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My Silence

Post by OutOnOwen » Sun Nov 05, 2017 7:52 pm


I haven't been on for like a year or so but when I join onto the server i'm pgagged, pmuted and pprivatemessages and I wondered and I remembered and this is about trying to get this silent punishment taken off me, so about a year ago I purchased V.I.P and I was hyped, I have a massive change in gameplay and I was screaming in chat with excitement but an admin saw what I was doing and mistaken it for spam so they muted me, understandable but then I messaged the admin saying can I get unmuted but the admin mistaken that for spam aswell (I did say can I get unmuted a couple of times) and I've been permanently silenced from that day on, i'm asking for my silence to get removed because the admin mistaken it for spam unfairly, sorry to sound so needy, but any staff reading this thread please contact me.

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Re: My Silence

Post by Zrael » Sun Nov 05, 2017 10:47 pm

Hello :D

First of all, there is a special topic for this which is called "Complaints".
Try to put it in the correct topic next time ;)

So, I don't know who is an admin who muted you and what is the exact story (because you can lie, it's not impossible) but there is some points that you need to know:
-I saw that you were talking about the VIP. I understand that buying a VIP is... incredible or awesome (it's weird but let's continue) but having a VIP isn't a reason for spamming or doing bad things on the server, it's not a bypass.
-Being mute is one thing, not really important but it means that you did something. Being pmute is something else. A pmute comes at the third mute (3 mutes = pmute) so the admin who pmuted you had a good reason for doing this.
-You are also pgagged + pmpblocked, that means that you continue through others ways and it also means that you are obviously not a "bystander". It's the kind of "Bad jackpot" to have all of this and in the most case, it's deserve.
-Talking to an admin about your mute is something, asking for an unmute is another story. Most of the admins will take it bad and they will ask you to stop so I think he (the admin) warned you many times.

That's all that I can say. Hope that you understand.
That doesn't means that you won't be unpmuted but right now, it will not happen. We need time to trust you.

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Re: My Silence

Post by Randy » Thu Dec 07, 2017 1:44 pm

Problème régler, je lock le topic.