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Please help

Posted: Sat Apr 01, 2017 6:37 pm
by EastonEffects
Help me please, the fucking worst super admin (randy) has permantly muted and private message me and my mic dosent work so thats usless, i spent money on this game and i want to spend more but i think its just usless spending money on something where i cant even communicate, and admins please unmute and unprivate message me, i dont want to waste my money on stuff that i will never use again, now thanks to randy i feel generally sad because im running out of money and he just made me lose some so please help, im really worried.

Re: Please help

Posted: Sat Apr 01, 2017 7:17 pm
by ferrarity
With your relation to administration, and to rules of the server you must have permanent mute and gag. You constantly tell insults and obscene language, spam in chat. And if you were given mute, you are reboot and start again.
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P.S. And about Randy, for me personally she very well copes with work of the admin and not to you to condemn her.

Re: Please help

Posted: Sat Apr 01, 2017 7:37 pm
by Randy
Hello guys ! (This is actually Baston who's talking not Randy. I want you EastonEffects to know that),

First, I deleted your other post on the forum, because it was the same than this one and it was like spam.

About your sanction, I was with Randy when she did it, and she even aksed me about the sanction.
If you didn't know it, I'm the other super-admin, and also the oldest one because I'm on the server since it was created, and I absolutely don't know you, even with your "other" nicknames.

About the sanction, you deserved them. Especially when I see the screenshots from Ferrarity (Thank you ferrarity btw). You always spam the chat, you always insult in the chat, even when Randy ask you to stop with the insult (or me, because it was me with Randy's account this morning when I muted you).

So yes you are permanently muted and you can't send private message anymore, because when she muted you today, you insulted her in private message. As I told you before, you deserved all of that.

Oh and by the way, being VIP doesn't mean that you can do everything you want on the server. Rules are rules, and they are the same for normal players than for VIP players. If you don't respect them, we give a sanction.

If that post was to ask to be unmute, it's NO. You'll stay muted.

Hope you'll understand all of this.
Best regards,