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Posted: Mon Jun 22, 2020 2:27 pm
by man like coala
Hi everyone i write this because i was pmute for troling and rejoin.

First yestarday SeeKers say to me noob say to me when he kill me easy and that's trolling. I rememmber one time Lillylein say to me again when she kill me easy and i think this is not injustice. And Second i didn't rejoin i didn't join to the game yestarday. I just left and don't join. And third nobody warn me for that i troll i wasn't know. It's not cool some of the admins to don't respect the rules like playing with command and somethines i hear some admins to say the word with g or to troll. Sorry if i am rude but that's the reall fact. I know i said easy when i kill Lillylein but she didn't warn me and didn't rejoin. And Fifth i think for one easy pmute is too big sanction :x

Thank you for reading and thank you for understanding.
Man like Steve

Re: Injustice

Posted: Tue Jun 23, 2020 12:16 pm
by Lillylein
First we pmute you because i saw you REJOIN just after i muted you. You finally didnt join but thats mean you left just for the mute. If you don't trust me ask your friend demonsoul and ask seekers both of them saw "Man like steve joining the server"
Secound i didnt want pmuted you (Trust me or not i said to seekers i won't pmute you for this.) but you just left after i muted you but than like i said you try rejoin but stop the joining after for me it's still count to rejoin.
Third what happen between you and SeeKerS isn't about me. I hate when people say "easy" to me because its disrespectful and unfriendly. Do you feel cool by killing an ADMIN or a PLAYER and say easy after?
4. To say "easy" is always a troll and you should know im not fine with you and things like that trigger me. We aren't friends so i dont accept you say "easy" to me. So i didn't warn you for this because you did a lot of things like this. When i try to talk to you on discord you just left. When i mute you but didnt want pmute you for be fair you left.
5. one more mute is pmute for you since you was already pmuted. And it's what we told you.
6. "It's not cool some of the admins to don't respect the rules like playing with command and somethines i hear some admins to say the word with g or to troll." Has also nothing to do with me. So useless to mention things like that here.

You was a nice person at the start but after a while you keep writing SeeKerS and me privat on discord about trusted and this happend EVERYTIME. You didn't understand what the word NO means. You also keep asking karinu or other admins "how can i get faster trusted" even when they have nothing to do with the trusted rank. I explain you many times that we dont want you as trusted. You are impatient,annyoing and didn't respect the rules. You could never be trusted. You was pmuted so it was over. You would never be trusted.
And as i know you still keeping writing me on pedo or discord. You force me to notice you. I write one single word on pedo or discord you say "hey" maybe you didn't get it or just dont understand BUT i dont want be your friend. I dont want do anything with you. You are a player on the server for me NOTHING more. You messed up a friendship with me by annyoing me for be trusted. I don't want be friend with someone just because he want be trusted. That's not how it work.
I'm sorry to be rude like that but someone have to open his mouth for once. I'm just a human too.

Anyways, It wasn't Injustice. It was fair enough. You had chances and you didn't use them.
Have a good day.

Re: Injustice

Posted: Tue Jun 23, 2020 12:28 pm
by man like coala
Hi Lillylein

I understand my mistakes about that i want to become a trusted but i don't want to become anymore. And i want to be friends not because i want to be trusted because i think you're good person who is verry cool and kind. Sorry for the mistakes about the trusted players and thatn you for the anwser. I will understand if you don't want to be friends. Again sorry and Good day.

Man like Steve