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Admin App. (Pedobear)

Refused Applications - Candidatures refusées
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Admin App. (Pedobear)

Post by xXPlatinum60Xx » Fri Apr 21, 2017 8:39 pm

Hello! My name is Ashton but most people know me as xXPlatinum60Xx. I've been on this server for quite some time now and would love to help people out. This server is insanely fun and i'd love to help make it a better enviroment and experience from everyone.
I know this server can get quite insane as many people are on at once and i've been experiences with people not saying the nicest things to eachother. Im here to cut down on mic spamming, harassment, and generally make this a better server! I'm an English speaking American who is on as long as it is possible for me to be there. Which is usually 3-4 hours a day.

I hope this was enough information for you! Just message me if you have any questions! Thank you!

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Re: Admin App. (Pedobear)

Post by Zrael » Sat Apr 22, 2017 8:45 pm

Hello :3

There are some bad points in your application that you need to improve:
-your apply is too tiny. Look at others applications and try to add other things =)
-I looked at Gametracker and I saw that you only have 6.6 hours on the server (time played). Usually, you need to have +50 hours so play more :3
-Beside, you need to do an introduction on the forum at this link: Thanks to this, we could know more things on you.
-Finally, you're a little bit "expressive" on the server. I saw you when you were spamming with your micro sometimes so try to improve that =) (Idk if I already gagged you)

So for now, I have a negative opinion for you to become a test-admin.
It's not a final decision of course :3
Try to follow my and the other tips of the others admins for improving your apply =)

Hope I'll see you on the server.
Have a nice day :3
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Re: Admin App. (Pedobear)

Post by Baston95 » Mon May 08, 2017 10:56 am


You didn't play since you posted your app.

I move to refused.

~Baston~ :) :D

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