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Admin application Creack

Refused Applications - Candidatures refusées
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Admin application Creack

Post by Creack » Tue Jul 02, 2019 7:21 pm

Hello APedobear Admin

with this application i want too applicate as an admin
for the Pedobear sever

some informations about me

My name is Jonas i am 15 years old and i am comming from germany. my hobbys are
playing video games and doing stuff with my friend.

Why i want too be a admin
I like it helping peopel that they can have fun on the server
and i hate peopel who are doing stuff on the server that is not allowed.

* German
* English

good points about me
+ i like it helping peopel
+ i am a nice person
+i like it talking too peopel

bad points about me
- i cant speak french
-i talk too much
-i am getting salted fast


I am out of school so right now i can play 24/7

Sunday - Thursday: 6pm - 12pm
Friday: 6pm - 3am
Saturday: 1pm - 3am

some more stuff

SteamID: STEAM_0:1:109696180
Discord: I like Cookies#6001
GameTracker: ... .34:27035/

I hope you like my application


I like Cookies :3
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Re: Admin application Creack

Post by Lillylein » Tue Jul 02, 2019 9:04 pm

hey creack

well, ur apply is for me a bit short. :/
I want you to add a little more infos maybe,.. Only if you can ofc ^^
also.. (for me still importen) do an introductions on the forum first please c: ( ) thanks!
for the moment ill stay Neutral

thanks anyways for your apply c:
Cya forum,discord and Server
Greetings Lilly
I love you SeeKerS GowRoN
~Super Admin Lillylein~
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Re: Admin application Creack

Post by Ayu-Sama » Tue Jul 02, 2019 9:13 pm

Hi Creack,

I think your application is a little bit short but you forget your availability for the server.

You have too many warn on the server (with a ban from 2 days). You don't speak french but it's not really a bad point. You can make a application more detailed.

For me it's No because your application is not completed and you have too many warn on the server.

See you later on the server !

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Re: Admin application Creack

Post by BunnyAsami » Tue Jul 02, 2019 9:32 pm

Hey Creack,

First of all some informations are missing in your application, and,
like Lillylein said, it would be better if you could do an introduction.
Then, your application is still short.

Moreover, Ayu said you have many infractions, and I don't really know you.
This is why it's a NO for me.

Good luck, see you soon,
Bunny Asami.
Keep calm and love bunnys


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Re: Admin application Creack

Post by AvelineTree » Wed Jul 03, 2019 9:02 am

Hello Creak,

First of all your application is short which is not a good point.I know you but you have many sanctions like ban for 2 days if i am not mistaken.You yourself have said that you can not speak French, you talk too much + you're getting salted fast.
My answer is NO.

See you on the Server and Discord,

( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)MiLk BeFoRe CeReAl 4eVeR( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)


✵✵Goodbye : )✵✵

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Re: Admin application Creack

Post by ChildOfMoon » Wed Jul 03, 2019 8:49 pm

Hello Creack,

Your application is pretty good, but i think you can add additionnal informations. In a next time you're cool with everyone but you speak too much yes. But, there is a big problem, you have too many warns, so because of that i'm NEUTRAL for you ! Annd... That's it for me.

See you later on the server ! Have a nice day/evening :D

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Re: Admin application Creack

Post by daze » Fri Jul 05, 2019 7:54 pm

Hi Creack,

Wel.. I cant say anything else new because other admins have already pointed out your mistakes and I agree with them
Sorry, for me it's too no. I dont think you should become an admin.

See u on the server,
Have a good day \(≧▽≦)/

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SeeKerS GowRoN
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Re: Admin application Creack

Post by SeeKerS GowRoN » Fri Jul 05, 2019 9:21 pm

Hello Creack !

- Your application is really good.
- You have the hours required.
- You have the age required.
- You are on discord.
- The staff know you.


You didn't respect the rules much times and it's really to quickly for forget this and say you change.

So for me, it's NO

Cya on the server,
SeeKerS GowRoN
🌸 I love you Lillylein 🌸


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SeeKerS GowRoN
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Re: Admin application Creack

Post by SeeKerS GowRoN » Sat Jul 06, 2019 7:01 pm

So everyone say NO !
Two admins can't answer on your application.
I move it in refused and i lock the topic.
🌸 I love you Lillylein 🌸