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[EN] Zazuma's Application for Administration

Refused Applications - Candidatures refusées
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[EN] Zazuma's Application for Administration

Post by Kazuma » Tue Apr 23, 2019 3:57 pm

My presentation:

My name is Malik and I'am 13 years old. I'am English Jamaican and I live in England, when I'm not playing Games I listen to Music, watch YouTube and go outside and do things.

When I'm available:

During Holidays (which are now and until next week, summer holidays and Christmas) I'm also available during weekends and after school times. The holiday times are December-January and May-September. For the weekends I might skip a weekend for my dad (personal things).
On weekday's I can play after school and i think the time difference between France and England is a hr or two so when 4 pm for France people i will end school.


Nickname: Banta/ Daddy Claus (don't judge me lmao)
Steam ID: STEAM_0:1:455217990
Steam name is: Kazuma with the goku profile pic
Hours spent: 104 hrs adding up all my acc's minutes on game tracker.
I have gotten to know a few staff through out the past few weeks like: Lillylein, Lydéric, To-Chan, Killi-Chan, Tanya, Ingus and Guri
For about a week now because it's holiday's it allowed me to see who is the staff are and who is generally connected to times when the admins or others are not/present. It also allowed me to get closer to a lot of discord people and staff.

My Qualities:

I am a basic calm person who knows how to obey people who are more highly placed or of the same rank.
I am someone that know's how to keep people in line and make they obey by the rules as stated in motd.

My Flaws:

I get excited to much (I dont know why xD)
and I say some weird things

Why I want to be a Admin and how the server would benefit me as one:

I happen to be connected to hours when no admin is connected, which gives other players their moment of glory for troll or spam without being able to do anything and that gets the community angry especially when the troller's ear rape. I also will help newbies if they are having a hard time and take action on those that do not respect others and do not follow the rules. *I live in the UK basically same time as all the other admins but I'm willing to stay awake all night and supervise the server (That's how much I love it)*

Well Thank you for taking your time to review my application. If I were to be accepted that would be greatly appreciated :D .


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Re: [EN] Zazuma's Application for Administration

Post by To-Chan » Wed Apr 24, 2019 7:57 pm

Hey Malik,

First, Lydéric's answer was :

"For now, you are to young for become an admin
Also you need to be more present on the server and (if you can) on discord, cause some players don't know you

You can apply again later, it's not an defenitive answer"

Second, please put all usernames used that way we can check if the amount of hours is true or not.

Last of all, Lydéric already said you were too young for now, it's no use posting an application just after your previous one was denied.

Sincerely, To-chan.

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Re: [EN] Zazuma's Application for Administration

Post by Lydéric » Sun Apr 28, 2019 11:46 pm

Hey Kazuma

For me it's no cause we don't know you to much and we need to see you more often on the server and on discord if you can for know who you are

See you on the server