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New skins and maps

Posted: Wed May 06, 2020 6:53 pm
by man like coala
Hello there some skins and maps i want to offert :D .
Padoru: ... layermodel
Arknights: ... layermodel
Blue Oath: ... layermodel
Kancolle: ... layermodel
Vocaloid: ... layermodel
Overhaul: ... layermodel
Shinobu Oshino: ... layermodel
TDA Miku Kimono: ... layermodel
Tda Luka Nurse: ... layermodel
Tda Vampire Miku: ... layermodel
Tda Miku Admin: ... layermodel
Tda Miku Late Spring: ... layermodel
Virtual Youtuber: ... layermodel
Tda Dong Fang: ... layermodel
Shoto Todoroki: ... layermodel
PDDT Hood Miku: ... layermodel
Hatsune Miku Sonic: ... layermodel
Tda Sakura Miku: ... layermodel
gm_oasis: ... t=gm_oasis
gm_reactown: ... m_reactown
gm_trajectory: ... trajectory

Thank you for readind. I'd like to like my skins and maps and wait awnser :D
Cya on server

Re: New skins and maps

Posted: Thu May 07, 2020 6:14 am
by man like coala

Re: New skins and maps

Posted: Tue May 19, 2020 12:23 pm
by Lillylein

Padoru: no to little.
Arknights: maybe
Blue Oath: maybe
Kancolle: yes
Vocaloid: We had a similar skin. No one bought it. so no
Overhaul: maybe
Shinobu Oshino: yes
TDA Miku Kimono: no (to many miku skins)
Tda Luka Nurse: maybe
Vampire Miku: No (same as before)
Miku admin: no (Old admin skin)
Miku late spring: No (same as before)
Otogibara Era: maybe
Tda Dong Fang: i dont see anything special about her...shes miku with red hair.. so no
Shoto Todoroki: yes
Hood Miku: maybe
Sonic Miku: maybe..
Sakura Miku: No (shes bugged)
Miku Futura: Maybe (shes still basic)
Sapphire Angel Miku: no (same skin we just removed only with mod wings)
Pastel Rainbow Miku: Maybe (still to basic for all miku on the server just different color)
Miku Maid: Maybe (still a miku skin..)
Mk4: no (to scary for pedo)
Halloween Miku: no (was already on the server)
TDA HS,Floral Miku: Already requested by me and still in Planing (same for all other HS skins)
All Naruto skins: Maybe (we had a naruto skin but only populare in no vip)

The maps i didnt test but this will follow

Re: New skins and maps

Posted: Wed May 20, 2020 6:00 am
by man like coala
Ok ty for the anwser. I hope you will add some skins :D .
See you on server
Man like Steve