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New maps and playermodels!

You have ideas for the server ? New maps, playermodels or interesting addons ? Post it here.
Vous avez une idée pour le serveur ? Nouvelles maps, playermodels ou des addons intéressants ? Postez la ici.
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New maps and playermodels!

Postby died » Sun Mar 10, 2019 7:37 pm

Some maps sucks!
So why not new maps?
I found this:

It`s from same publisher like paralax or defocus ... 1266205606

It`s a good map and the map was on server ... =422801063

This map was cool, but got removed
--I found no link--

de_vegas_casino ... =299079503

New player models

Steve ... =104533079
Category: reserved skins (for new players)
Price: 1

Sonic ... =472045199
Category: Skins

Donald Trump ... =722374307
Category: Skins
1 (I think nobody wants to be trump)
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Re: New maps and playermodels!

Postby Lillylein » Sun Mar 10, 2019 7:42 pm

Hey again

1 We already have Bricolage on pedo.
2. Nekopark got removed so it will not return
3 ttt_vault is not good (admin already test it)
4 Vegas is to big.

For the skin

Steve No New players have the pokemon skin.
Donald Trump if you already say "I think nobody wants to be trump" why you post the skin?
And never for this price
Sonic Idk
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