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Pedobear Servers: Multiple pedobears !

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Pedobear Servers: Multiple pedobears !

Post by Arnold0 » Sun Mar 06, 2016 10:10 pm

[FR : Lire en français ici : viewtopic.php?f=15&t=87]

Since yesterdays afternoon has come something new that many people were waiting. In fact, since the start of the server, many people asked me to add more than a single pedobear when there is many players. I finaly took the time to edit my gamemode's code to add this fonctionnality ! ;)

Now, there can be :
:arrow: 1 Pedobear, when there is less than 25 players on the server.
:arrow: 2 Pedobears, when there is more than 25 but less than 50 players on the server.
:arrow: 3 Pedobears, when there is 50 players or more on the server.
Knowing that spectators are not counted.

Also, the anti-AFK has been edited, so a AFK pedobear is replaced by another player taken randomly in the victims.
So now, rounds will not get skipped and there will always be the correct number of pedobears, unless a player disconnect or go to spectators.

I hope this change please you,
Have fun on the servers.
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