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Post by Baston95 » Sun Feb 19, 2017 1:56 pm

Hello to everyone !

We (all the admins) organise an event during the easter holidays !

Planning :

April 1st : Surprise event on servers (PropHunt, Cops and Pedobear) (For this surprise, the admins do not need to be here, it will be something automatic during the day, so do not wait for admins for that :D)

Friday April 7th : An activity of an admin on each server

Saturday April 8th : A second activity on each server

Sunday April 9th : A quiz done by head admin and super admin on each server

The time of the activities is to be defined according to the number of player who will be there

The event will take place over three days. At each end of the activity the admins will keep the number of points of each person for the addition to the following activities. Once all three activities are finished, we will make a ranking per server. The lots will be distributed the same day (sunday April 8th)

There will be prizes to be won :
The first will receive 3 lots, the second 2 lots, the third 2 lots, and the other 1 lot each.
Everyone will have a reward, there will be lots of consolation. For those who sponsor players there will be a reward also. The more a person brings people the more his gains will elevate.

We count on you to come numerous so that there is more atmosphere. (The more we are, the more we laugh ;) ).
Fun, fun, and fun ! :D

See you soon on the Aservers ! And have fun (again) :D !

The staff team of the Aservers :D
~Baston~ :) :D

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