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The story of AServers

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The story of AServers

Post by Arnold0 » Tue Jan 26, 2016 1:10 am

[FR: Lisez ceci en Français ici]

I tought you might be interested into the story of my servers, so here I come!
The first server actually came into existance because of someone else, on a TS. He was making his own PropHunt server, but he was having an issue, about CSS content no colliding. As a challenge to him and myself, I decided I would try to make my own PropHunt, and see if I could fix the problem before him. As I already had a VPS, on which was (and still is) my TS server and a small website, I had nothing to loose, not even needing to pay more for it. And I actually fixed the bug before him. But then, I started to add more content (Maps, taunts, then pointShop with players models...) and I went too far to stop at that point. APH Server, the PropHunt server was born.
As of today, the server is #1000 on GameTracker, 81 Percentile which isn't very good but isn't too bad either.

Then, a week ago, I was speaking with someone on my TS and we actually spoke about Pedobear, about how there was only one server, and I thought, maybe I can edit murder gamemode to do something similar. Well... I went another road, because murder was too complex and had too many unneeded functions. So I took fretta (A gamemode made by garry a long time ago to make gamemodes dev easier) and coded what I wanted myself. After a day, I had something working and took a second VPS to host it. Only after one day of existance, the server already got 40 players playing on it at the same time! After 7 days, the server is #460 on GameTracker, 91 Percentile, which is extreamly good, and why I bothered making this forum.

I hope you'll enjoy playing on my servers and I say you...
See you next time on the servers!
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