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New Server : Cops and Runners !

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New Server : Cops and Runners !

Post by Arnold0 » Wed Mar 23, 2016 3:45 pm

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Since yesterday afternoon has come a new server in AServers community : AServers Cops and Runners !
This gamemode has been suggested by Bason, so you can thank him if you like that gamemode !
That gamemode isn't very popular (I could find only two servers in the list, one of them was laggy, the other one had no colliding map elements... Both didn't have automatic map change.), however, I find the concept interesting and the gamemode is quite nice (The gamemode interface is realy cool I think)
The rounds counter before map change has been coded by myself because that's not included in the gamemode. It's very little code si I think it won't be a problem, however, if you find a bug with it, please tell me.
VIP people will get VIP grades and points upon joining the server. If you bought VIP multiple times, contact me so I can add the missing points manualy.
VIP-Max bonus on this server is the ability to use the Rainbow Smoke Grenade.

I hope you'll have fun on that new server ! Have a nice game and see you soon on the servers ! ;)
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