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Just a friendly hello ;3

Introduce yourself here.
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Ioanna e qk ;)
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Just a friendly hello ;3

Post by Ioanna e qk ;) » Tue Dec 26, 2017 11:39 am

◄Hellouw ;3
◄My name is Yumet and I'm glad to meet all of ya ^^
◄I'm 18 years old (I'll turn 19 on January the 9th,yupii :P)
◄I'm born in Bulgaria in a small town called Lovech but my parents decided to move to Belgium around 4 years ago and I'm still in Belgium atm ^^
◄I speak a couple of languages such as : Bulgarian, English, Dutch, a little bit of French (but not enough), a little bit of Spanish (but again not enough)
◄My hobbies? My hobbies are pretty simple and kind of cliché.I play guitar in my spare time (both electric and acoustic), but most of the time I'm just playing video games on my PC :D
◄And since we're on the games part, I really enjoy playing Garry's mod, but only on the pedobear server,the other servers just don't seem that fun to me.My ingame name is Ioanna e qk ;) btw,but i think you can tell from my name on the forum.
◄ Shoutouts to Sätâñ,all credits go to her because she is the one that introduced me to the server and to Garry's mod in particular ❤
◄Other games that i used to play are: World of Warcraft (I'have spent like 8-9 years playing that game xDD),League of Legends,Minecraft,Hearthstone,CS GO,Mortal Kombat,Payday 2,Paladins,etc...
◄I really enjoy listening to all kinds of music and i respect the different types of music, tho i do have my preferences, usually i love listening to metal and new metal.I enjoy listening to bands such as Avenged Sevenfold and plenty others. Thanks to a certain someone i also started listening to KPOP :))))
◄Usually I don't like talking about myself...but I can say that I'm not such a bad person in overall.I'm friendly,calm and quiet,I treat everyone with respect even if they don't deserve it,tho if i get offended i kinda feel bad and try to fix things,hoping that everything will be fine.
◄I like having a great time with people,even more if i know the people and if they are special for me.I really enjoy being surrounded by nature when I'm outside.When I'm home (inside) I either take a break from all the stress that live gives us or I just play games like i mentioned earlier.
◄What i don't like is when someone is trying to be supperiour superior and commanding everyone...without reasons ofc...I also don't like trolls...but not from the funny types...from the toxic ones that really ruin everything...I'm also not a fan of abuse,harassment and other offensive acts....
◄Well i think thats pretty much enough spam about me.
◄I hope that we manage to get along and have a nice time on the server ^^
◄Have a nice day ❤
◄Peace out ❤
Dunno what to type here

-I'm a basic 19 years old BOEEEEEEEEE
-Guitar Freak
-WoW Lover
-Meme Lover (tho I'm kinda behind with the new stuff)
-Oh and i wear black almost all of the time,cause I wanna be a ng but I can't.
(PS.You can kill me later sweety ^^ )

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Re: Just a friendly hello ;3

Post by ÇhätÑôír » Tue Dec 26, 2017 11:44 am

~ Hello, kiddo! ;) * I love you too. ♥ *

~ Welcome on the forum, and have a nice time on the server! :p

~ Sätâñ.
~ Hello. 18 years.. :3
~ I'm stubborn, depressed, and a nice person * maybe *.
~ I love my boyfriend! ♥
~ Sätâñ.

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