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Mattias509 Introduction

Introduce yourself here.
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Mattias509 Introduction

Post by Mattias509 » Fri Aug 11, 2017 4:35 pm

My name is Mattias I'm 23 years old.I speak French and English.
I'm starting my 2year of University in England for Visual Effect. I leave in England but in the summer I go back to my parent's house in Switzerland.
I prefer writing in English because my French is terrible. We can't take me serious with all my spelling mistakes :(
The pedobear server is where we go often with my friends. My name on steam is Mattias509 or SenpaiMatt. We always have good fun on it and the other people are cool too we never get bored. I rarely come on the Teamspeak server because for the moment I don't have a good microphone.(sounds like I'm far away)
I like to play games, watch movies or anime, play multiplayer video games and I love being lazy.
What I hate is lot's of noise, kids that scream, winter, and lots of irrelevant stuff.

Hope I said everything and see you on the server :D

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