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Hey (^_^ )

Posted: Wed Mar 22, 2017 12:22 am
by Zrael
Hey =)

* mean choose the correct answer ;)

In-game, my username is Zrael (the one :p )
My level in sing and translate is like my admin level: awesome ^^
(Yup, I'm the modesty :3)

Seriously, I discovered the pedobear in May 2016 and, since 2-3 months, I played almost everyday.
I like the community which is vareous/various/vareious* even if there are some troubles and that's why I wrote an apply.

IRL, my name is Alex/Alexis/Alexia*, I'm a boy/girl* of 15 years old (not 18 yet ;-;) I don't love school but I want to be a programmer/singer/dancer*. :3

I love to make the chinese username angry :3 (#victim) x)

You can find me in some places like on TeamSpeak v3.11.1 (IP: and in game if you are sneaky sneaky :3

I love potatoes and that's it :3

P.S: This presentation isn't sponsorised by Mousseline.

Have a nice day :) (Have some mercy, I wrote This at 01 a.m cuz I was bored 😂😂)