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M00NIIE's Introduction

Introduce yourself here.
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M00NIIE's Introduction

Post by M00NIIE » Thu Jul 16, 2020 5:58 pm

Hello everyone ! :>

My name is Emma, but you can just call me Moon ! I am currently 16 years old and live in America !

I was born December 21st, 2003, and have always enjoyed gaming ever since I was young! I can only speak English fluently, but I am learning French In school.
I have over 450+ hours on Garry's mod and about 47 hours spent on Apedobear server. I recently joined the server on April 26 of this year but have spent lots of time playing and enjoying the community surrounding it ! The other games I play is mainly Minecraft on Hypixel, but I usually enjoy play SCP:SL on occasion!

One of my biggest hobbies besides gaming is drawing ! I have been drawing for about 4-5 years overall and it is something I enjoy a lot. I am a harder worker and have always had good grades in school, I am currently in my 11th year.
I also love watching anime and love animals.

Thank you so much for taking time to read my introduction ! I hope I am able to speak with you on the server soon !


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