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Pythagoruz's Introduction

Introduce yourself here.
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Pythagoruz's Introduction

Post by Pythagoruz » Mon Mar 23, 2020 5:46 am

Hello Pythagoruz here!

I have already been on this server for awhile now already and I came across this and decided to make one!

A little history on my time in Gmod. I have been playing the game for about 900 hours now. 250-300 of the hours was on a Pedobear server called Redline. I'm sure not a lot of you heard of the server before it was around before this one came up. It was a great server and had a great community but it shutdown for whatever reasons I don't know. Another server which I put around another 350 hours in was a Prophunt server, which sorry but it was my favorite server ever. It was called the Flowgaming server and it was amazing. I became part of the staff for it and made a lot of friends along the way and had a great experience, but sadly the owner had things they needed to do and she had to shut the server down. Both servers shutdown around the same time so with nothing else I stopped playing the game for around a year. I then came back and found this server, which I'm glad I did. Now, enough of that as it probably doesn't sound too interesting, so let's get to the actual stuff!

Hello, my name is Eugene and I go by Pythagoruz in the game. I am male and I'm also a Japanese-American living in the United States. I specifically live in the state of Iowa in a small town surrounded by farmland. I'm 17 years old and currently still in school. I plan to study in the fields of either Chemistry and or Photography, I also plan to study other languages like French and hopefully Russian. On top of that I currently speak English; I know a decent amount of Spanish, and a little bit of Japanese (But I can't hold a conversation so don't try talking to me in that language). I'm working part time in three fields. They consist of being Head Lifeguard at my local Aquatic center during the summer, I volunteer as a Junior FireFighter as my father is the Fire Chief, and I also work as a waiter in a restaurant.

My hobby is gaming otherwise why would be I here :3. Now I'm not that boring and I have many others like Skiing, Skating, Bowling, Swimming, Frisbee, and Hunting when I get the chance. I love skiing out of everything, even gaming.

My sister had just recently been to Paris in France and she got a lot of shit because she was American. So I don't know how you view Americans but please don't let that change your view of me because I really want to start blending into the community better. I love all countries and all people unless I have a personal reason to hate them. I especially love Europe and Europeans in general so it has made it incredibly easy to vibe (socialize) with others.

I am very patient thanks to having a big family. I have three sisters and three brothers, their names are Nicole, Waylinn, Victoria, Ezekiel, Calen, Alexander, and then me. I also have multiple nieces and nephews so it just makes my patience even better. I'm very observant to those around me. I'm definitely not shy to start up a conversation so if you do want to talk please go ahead, I would like to know more about you and have you know more about me.

Also this is to just a select few people since there might be some confusion. I shared this account with my sister and now it is fully mine. I have had times where people thought I was female which confused me, turns out it was my sister. There should be no more confusion as this account is now firmly mine. Just wanted to get that out of the way.

Now I have issues with rambling without stopping so I'll end it here with this. This server really is a great server. I have met so many amazing people and I will definitely meet plenty more. I plan to stay on and get on more often. I love the amount of different people from different countries all come to the same server. Like Germany, UK, France (obviously), Czechia, Romania, Bulgaria, Russia, Italy, Estonia, and Belgium. I haven't met people from any other country so far. Then again not everyone is comfortable announcing that, which I understand. I can't wait to get you know you all and I hope it is the same the other way around!

Sincerely Eugene (Pythagoruz). Hello AServers! This has been my introduction.

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