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My Introduction uwu!

Introduce yourself here.
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My Introduction uwu!

Post by Max_uwu_idk » Sun Jan 26, 2020 11:19 am

Hey Peeps!

My Name is Max! Im 15 Years Old and I can speak 3 Diffrent
languages! : German,English And russian ! :D i strated playing Pedobear About 3 years ago on my old acc "Max ❤️" sadly my old acc was Blocked and i dont even know why but i was Deeply upset so i stopped making Hope to get my Acc back so i stopped playing On my PC for 3 years Now im back ON! with my new acc "Danganronpa_Weeb_uwu" (when_life_gives_yo_lemons) and i went back to the Apedo server and i met my old friends again and met new people :D like i met Lillylein again or Killi-chan or Creack or Seekers and i felt like i was Home again :3 <3 im so Lucky to met these crazy Ppl XD ;D I dont even know anymore how i met them Crazy chickens xDD

Well i Hope my Introduction isn't that bad Well see ya ! <333

[ ... /giphy.gif]

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Re: My Introduction uwu!

Post by Lillylein » Mon Jan 27, 2020 12:51 pm

Hey max!

Welcome ^-^
Please next time read carefully what the webside say and dont post 3x an Introduction and 2x an Admin apply ^^
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