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Rany's Introduction

Introduce yourself here.
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Rany's Introduction

Post by rany » Thu Oct 03, 2019 5:33 pm

Rany's Introduction.

Hey, world! My name is Violetta, and i'm 15 (I have bday on 13 october, so i'll have 16 soon), also i have astheno-neurtoic syndrome, vvd (etc) and i live in Russia, Ryazan. I play on the server APedobear, more than 1 year. I had a lot of nicknames, but i don't remember all of them. I decided to write an introduction just now, so don't blame me~!
I speak only english and russian.
I have a lot of hobbies: singing, playing a guitar, drawing, composing songs. In real life i'm really shy, sociable, funny, who really loves to laugh, but I'm not a confident girl. I get irritated quickly. I hate people who suck up to me and who pester me. If i said "I wanna be alone for a while", so it means don't touch me. Also, i love positive ppl, who always can make me smile, laugh even in bad times! (Lyderic, Daze and my good friends from real life: Felix, Nnkorst) If it wasn't for you, I don't know what would happen to me now!!! Probably sad, probably good but i'm not health nute. I have fun to get drunk and i smoke to relieve stress(I can smoke 1-3 cigarettes per day), I'm addicted to cigarettes so much, if i want to smoke, but i can't i just get really annoying. I hope these facts don't ruin our friendship.
I'm not a gamer, i play only Garry's Mod, Transformice, Skyrim, I prefer to chat, talk, listen to music and watch YouTube. Also, i love to watch a series, movies, listen to podcasts. My favorite series: Euphoria, American Horror Story, Shameless, Skam. Also, my favorite movies: Trainspotting, The Fault in Our Stars, It, Before I Fall, About Time, Happy Death Day, The Lake House, Groundhog Day, The Butterfly Effect. But anyway my the most favorite fandom is Homestuck, I know almost everything about this web-comics, and i swear it's really interesting. And i'm music lover! A listen to music 24/7. My FAVORITE singer is YUNGBLUD, I fucking really adore him, his style, his voice, his songs, It's so fucking amazing. I'm dying! t-t
It's not hard to guess: i study in school. I wanna connect my life with art (music, drawing), but i'm not good "student". But that doesn't change the fact i wanna leave my homeland. I would like to live in Europe and have Euro, not Rub.

It was a brief description about me.
See you on the server!
Regards, Rany.

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