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My introduction

Introduce yourself here.
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My introduction

Post by died » Sat Nov 24, 2018 9:24 pm

I'm 12 years old (05.09)
I'm from Germany
I have the GE90 jump Pack in Pedobear

I play GMod, GTA V, FS19 and Cities Skylines

I have only 8GB DDR3 RAM, a GT730 4GB, a I3-4130 a 256GB SSD and 1TB HDD.
I have YouTube channels with high quality content (2160p50)
My German youtube channel: ... LYYqWPD25w
Minecraft Servers and Youtube community: (currently not working)

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Re: My introduction

Post by Lillylein » Sun Nov 25, 2018 9:20 am

Hey died,

Ty for your Introduction! Nice to meet you!!
I'm the German Admin Lillylein c: If you have any questions please contact me (for a german answer haha)
Anyways Welcome on the forum ^^

Cya on Forum&Server

Greetings Lilly
I love you SeeKerS GowRoN
~Super Admin Lillylein~
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Re: My introduction

Post by Lydéric » Sun Nov 25, 2018 2:20 pm

Hi Died,

Welcome on the server

I hope you have fun on the server

See you on the server ^^


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Re: My introduction

Post by Kiki2003 » Mon Nov 26, 2018 2:22 pm

Hello died,

Welcome to the forum and see you on the server! ^^

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Re: My introduction

Post by Deku » Mon Nov 26, 2018 7:24 pm

Welcome, i you want somthing ask me

Nice to meet you. :)
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My introduction

Post by KellyAcisk » Fri Dec 07, 2018 12:04 am

Welcome to the forums Jacob.

Thank you for taking the time to post your introduction.

Should you need any assistance with anything or have any questions, ask away

For now, enjoy perusing the forums

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